‍‍‍"One Story at a Time" is a project in three parts.

First, we "Kindle Understanding" by looking at the Joy Kogawa poem, "What do I remember of the evacuation?" We use the "One Story at a Time" Worksheet to consider the background and historical context of this Canadian story. We examine symbols and allusions. We examine power and privilege.

Second, we "Gather Stories" by considering one of the poems provided or by finding our own poem. We use the "One Story at a Time" Worksheet (just like we did in the first step) and then we explore a new story.

Third, after gathering kindling, twigs and logs, we "Build a Fire". We take the new understandings and new knowledge and create something original, something warm, something powerful, something challenging, something beautiful, something thought-provoking. We "do the human being magic" and utilize the infinite possibilities of our creativity.

We have included the "One Story at a Time" Evaluation as one way of assessing learning.

"One Story at a Time" also encourages community on the "Collaborators" page and offers resources for deeper understanding and new knowledge on the "Stoke the Coals" page.

To advance the discussion, content, and stories within this project, contact Andre Boutin-Maloney or Sheena Koops.