I hear you and I
(Response to the Universal Soldier, Buffy Sainte Marie)
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I never met you in person but my soul was taken by your voice.It comes from a long long time ago when people were smiling round the fire.
Universal Soldier sank in my heart with the fire you created.My heart beat with tears and I couldn’t see your face…but heard your voice.
How many years have people suffered? How many more need to die?I ask myself in the imaginative world, my vision without color whispers at me.
From far away in the moon, we see the earth blue but I feel the earth is red.Am I blind or am I unethical?
I wonder if anyone or everyone believes that our earth does not have borders.Our earth is art of ultimate beauty - art of humanity.
Your voice brought me tears and the tears sunk in my heart.Your soul without shadow brought me hopes from the past.I call myself ‘thinker’ I believe you are too.
Let’s build our fire strong in our hearth, let’s sing our soul of humanitytogether….Let’s close our eyes and feel our heart together on our earth.
I hear you and II hear you and I
(Yoriko Gillard, HEARTH project, 2015).
"Thank you for giving me a chance to write / 'make a fire'. I thought I could write a Japan-Canada related poem, but this poem is about me experiencing a wonderful Canadian culture through the great Canadian artist. I could not make any better 'fire' after listening to her song so I responded to her in my own way." - Yoriko Gillard.


(Yoriko Gillard,Trust through Art and Its Practice, 2013)

Reciprocity of minds between self and others
Losing myself...Becoming insecure in a moment of countless obstacles I experience in my life.How can I gain back my trust to become confident with who I am…The past tells me the meanings of the incidents in my life…tears fall to catch my lost mind.I can catch myself in a slight moment when my mind and sensesemerge with conflicts of perceptions with others.I am coming back slowly and surely with some colours that only I can see perhaps...The moment I feel myself as who I am, I cry out loud in public.
(Yoriko Gillard,Trust through Art and Its Practice, 2013)

Au Canada

By: Gregg LeRock Mr. LeRock is a Juno nominated French as a Second Language educator and performer who has performed for more than 500,000,